lunedì 16 novembre 2009

university :)

i have finally started university...
so i moved to my cousin's house near Naples to study LAW over there.
(if you don't know yet, Naples is that city where pizza was made for the first time)
well my mom is not that happy because we are so far now but she trusts me and she respects my thoughts (that's why i love her).
yeah i know it's to hard studying laws and you would think it's not right for me to be a lawyer. but it was and still be my dream. it could be cool i think.
i'm super curious to know what you think about it =D
love you all.

i'm posting this picture only to show you how beautiful is my mom :)

martedì 1 settembre 2009

back from a long vacation

I spent this vacation in Caracas (Venezuela) with my dad :)
yeah he lives there, and he was born there as well. sometimes i think it's cool but he lives SO far!
anyway, this vacations were the best i have ever had since i have vacations, haha. i use to work in summer as animator, so i travel all over the world! that's awesome!
last summer i was in Marsa Alam (Egypt), where i felt on my skin 55 grades!!
but it was fine. check this pics out, and click on them to see a large view. kiss

venerdì 3 luglio 2009


finally i decided to make a flickr account :D
check it out and i hope you like my photos

venerdì 5 giugno 2009


just other PRAHA's photos!
this is a crazy night at disco!
i know i'm cool :)

giovedì 4 giugno 2009

now i'm pretty sure

i just found this funny pic on google and it makes me laugh a lot, so i thought to post it here :)
well, it seems to be so famous but i haven't seen it before. the way the photographer took that photo is amazing. but what about his face? hahaha.
there is a new! now i'm pretty sure i'm going to post as often as i can, even if my english is not that good and even if i do not have something serious to say :]
my milan shoot was great and i liked it a lot, i will post the whole photoshoot soon, and i'm sorry if i took a long time!
now i know it's too hard working as a model, well i never thought to work as model!! i know i'm too short for that, but it was cool feeling just like i was one of them :D

domenica 3 maggio 2009


back from a school trip in praha :(
i didn't want to go there, don't ask me why, but fortunately i went :D
i walked a lot but really it enjoyed it
praha is an amazing city but, for sure i had fun because of my friends.
do you wanna know something about love??
:D well... no comment!

martedì 21 aprile 2009

i promise!

yes i know, i didn't post for a long time.
i'm so sorry but i was kinda busy because of the school and many other things.
but i have a new!!!
modelmayhem helped me to faund my first and real photoshoot.
it will probably be in the end of may.
i can't say the name of the photographer yet but i'm going to post it soon.

comments are appreciate on this post, as always.
thanks for keeping follow me and tell me if my english is not correct :D

i promise i'll post as soon as possible